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Parkside Development
Scope:   Parkside Phase 1 replaced an abandoned YMCA facility with a 4-story mixed-use building containing 36 low-income housing units, a community center and commercial spaces (January 2012). Phase 2 will consist of an additional 36 units - construction set to begin fall 2014.

Design:  Our goal in Phase 1 was to create a dynamic building with ample communal and courtyard spaces, while adhereing to an extremely tight budget and difficult property zoning. Phase 2 consists of three separate buildings, placed so as to again create family-friendly and useable courtyard/ landscaped areas. Phase 2 will also include a playground facility, to be shared by residents of the entire development.
Role:  For Phase 1, I worked on the schematic/3d design and CD's. For Phase 2, I worked on all phases of the design, including client meetings and coordination with all consultants.